L’Oréal works in partnership with Amazon to improve the user experience across the product detail pages for beauty across three different categories: makeup, foundation and skincare.

My role as the UX and UI lead and sole UK creative, was to analyse the user experience and interface for the existing Amazon product details template and identify opportunities for improvement. Then compare that to user research provided by L’Oréal regarding what users need from the page and propose a design alternative.

To create a L’Oréal branded experience within the Amazon environment, improving the user interface but without disorienting the users. To offer subcategory product depth without having to leave the page. To promote the augmented reality try on tool.

High priority goals were:
To offer ease of shade and colour selection both for visual shoppers and those returning users who prefer to shop by shade/colour name. To declutter the page, offering better information hierarchy at a glance. To utilise the A+ content area offering videos and tutorials. To make the customer review presentation more relevant.

  • Role Product Details Page UX & UI

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