AXE in collaboration with TMA in New York created Smelly Ready, a campaign aiming to reach out to a younger, Gen Z audience and make the AXE brand famous again. This coincided with the launch of revolutionary new Dual Action technology product ranges.

Role: is where users get to experience AXE as product, resource and lifestyle coming together. My role was to redesign the homepage of in order to improve the user experience and introduce the new typography and colour palette to the entire website as well as the AXE quiz creating a fresh and consistent visual language. Then roll out the changes to 15 different locales.

The chosen font was not accessible because of the extensive glyph substitution it supports and was not available it Hindi. As a result, I had to propose alternative fonts and create a brand guideline regarding when to use the lock up and when rich text.

The existing website had a two-colour design system based on gold and grey, using black and white photography whereas the new palette included eight bright colours and vivid photography. I had to accessibility-test the colours and images, create a colour hierarchy and prioritise how the new colours will be used consistently across without forgetting that AXE is a brand strongly associated with the colour black.

High priority goals were:
To create a coherent design narrative highlighting the technological product superiority of DUAL ACTION within the context of the Smell Ready campaign. To deliver a Gen Z relevant visual language reaching to a diverse audience through the use of typography, colour and photography. To improve the overall user experience.

  • For UX & UI website redesign

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