Joel & Son Fabrics

Joel & Son Fabrics is a heritage family business that provides specialist fabrics for the theatre and film industries e.g. Bond series suits, The Favourite and more as well as for individual customers and tailors. Joel & Son Fabrics also have an eclectic clientele with Arabic heritage and provide fabrics to The Queen of England. The existing website needed to migrate to Magento 2 and consequently the business was ready for a full website and blog redesign. I was the sole designer working with a team of developers who adapted M2 code to cater for the business' needs.

My role was to redesign the logo, website and blog. I was responsible to deliver the UX design process, identifying user needs, emphasis on user pain points, delivering a mobile-first design, addressing specialist user needs and accessibility performances.

High priority goals were:
To identify pain points regarding the product taxonomy and navigation and propose an alternative information architecture and subsequently new paths to purchase. To create a clear distinction between ordering samples and fabrics and communicate to the users regarding not accepting returns once the fabric has been cut. To design a visually appealing, mobile first, single page checkout. Finally to create a variety of editorial templates for the blog and email templates.

  • For website redesign

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