Knight Frank Blog Launch

Knight Frank Research publish an array of reports, articles, bulletins targeted to specific clients and the general public. The need to provide a permanent home for this research was identified aiming to give the content broader reach and offer the chance to create dialogue and debate online.

‍I was responsible for the design deliverables from research to concept development and execution. My role was to meet with the key stakeholders, understand their business vision and goals and get buy-in from all project stakeholders during design meeting and before ideation and designing the specific solution.

High priority goals were:
Create an engaging platform. Deliver content taxonomy and information architecture that offer a simple user journey, enable discoverability and identification of different content and media types at a glance. Addressing usability and accessibility.

Customer Insights:
Working with lead researchers and running user tests and user surveys on the individual publications microsites helped us understand the customer pain points and create empathy towards the new product. The customer feedback received was addressed and implemented with additional features to support the minimum viable product release.

The Solution:
Four Key content categories were identified and colour coded in a simple navigation. The top five articles were highlighted in a mobile-first design giving users the option to pin specific articles. Icons clearly distinguishing between alternative media types were included on all article thumbnails. The blog launched with two alternative article page template designs based on AB testing and user feedback.

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