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Secret Sales

Secret Sales is a private sales members-only website, featuring one to three new fashion sale events per day that last between 24hrs and 3 days. The sales are organised either by brand, product category, theme or the depth of the offer. Popular sale events sell out within minutes of the launch time and sometimes additional discounts are offered just before a sale event closes.

My role was from research to concept development and delivery to create a mobile-first homepage design solution that was flexible enough to address different user needs.

High priority goals were:
To identify the optimal location to feature the hero sale of the day making it easy for the users to by-pass it if not relevant, showcase the relevant sales that close soon in a prominent location without taking too much real estate, inform users about future sale events so that they don’t miss out, identify optimum image number, aesthetic and size per user group.

The Challenge:
Secret Sales has a refined RFM model of multiple user groups with different needs. The homepage window needed to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to promote the ideal amount of sale events per user in the right order, showcasing the most appropriate images. To achieve that we installed multiple tracking pixels and followed hundreds of user journeys for the top 5 user groups. Based on tailored user preferences we AB tested alternative sale events orders, a linear timeline approach vs newest with closing soonest combined, tested 4 different image sizes for desktop, 2 for mobile and 4 product photography approaches.

The Solution:
Instead of going for a one-size-fits-all approach working closely with the Head of Product and our Lead Data Analyst we identified the ideal cases per user group by performing multiple AB tests and created a flexible modular template that served different content and grid order per user group. The result was 5 dominant template combinations that were user-led offering the option to Save their preferred page layout.

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